Most of the people out of Serbia never heard of a place named Kovilj. It is hardly seen on the map, but thousands of cars, campers, caravans and busses pass-by daily nearby Kovilj, on the main North-South Highway of Serbia (E-75). Kovilj is located just before the bridge over Danube, only 15km from Novi Sad and is more than just a village on the road. It is truly different, because in many ways it feels like time has stopped running 50 years ago, and many things are preserved as they were waiting to be discovered. If you want to investigate more about Kovilj, you can click HERE. Coffee-Camp Kovilj is a newly-established campground to attract travelers and tourists passing through Serbia on their way to the Southern Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro) but also to Bosnia and Adriatic Coast. Our camping is less than 1 km from the E-75 highway (Subotica – Belgrade), with well-maintained pitches, all with water, electricity, with modern joint bathrooms and toilets, central chemical toilet draining point, waste-water drainage pitch, Wi-Fi, pet accommodation boxes, bicycle stands, separate area for tents and more. We also offer breakfast with our known high-quality Coffee and home-made food and cakes. While staying with us, you don’t just use modern, clean and well-maintained facilities, but more...

Why choose us?

Camping Features

Our camping has 24 well maintained pitches, special for motorhomes, special for caravans and special for bicycles and motorbikes. Also, there are several tent places, pet boxes, also other services that distinguishes us from other Camping Sites in the region. We have an on-site Coffee Shop with distinguishable high-quality coffees and cakes, cookies, and also European and Thai Dishes. We can arrange delivery of freshly baked breakfast bakery products from the village to our departing guests (upon order) or we use them for our high-quality breakfasts. The owners family’s international origin ensures easy communication and being campers as well, can understand all camper needs. We speak: English, German, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian and Thai. We are open from May to October, from morning - to late, available on mobile phone ( +381 65 2090807) during 24/7.

Rooms for rent

We also rent rooms, not far from our camping, in two different locations in Kovilj: 1. Coffee-Camp’s Rooms4Rent nearby the camp-site with 3 clean, neat and well-maintained rooms with bathrooms, and 2. A villa accommodation with 2 rooms, own garden, with lovely sitting place in the flower garden, huge parking and own garage – also in Kovilj. Both are rented ONLY TO NON-SMOKERS. We offer the best quality rooms that do not look nice only on pictures.

Bikers and Motorbikes

On the way from Hungary to the South, the most common bikers stop is at Sosul (Sombor) Camp Site with which we closely cooperate. It is one whole biking day to reach Coffee-Camp Kovilj from Sombor. which a one-day tour from our camping. If on the way South, bikers resting at Sosul in Sombor, usually come to us since Kovilj is on the “Bicycle Route”. Bikers from Novi Sad access us via Kac, Budisava, not far away from the official Eurovelo 6 Route. Link:

Off-Season Parking

Off-Season Camper and Trailer Parking:
During winter, we have available up to 20 places with or without use of electricity (battery maintenance only). The complex is secured and with video surveillance and checked daily. Motor-Caravan Service: For the moment is possible only in off-season period (soon whole year) performed by a local professional service truck service (FIAT/IVECO, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot, Volkswagen)

Services and Shops

Gas Cylinder Filling

Gas Cylinder exchange and filling:Available daily after 6pm at the site.

Coffee Shop

Coffee and drinks available from 8 am to 8 pm.

Our Deli Food Range

Meals available from 1pm until 8pm.

Our and Local Food & Drink Specialties Store

Elder Juice Concentrate, Fruits Jam, Sauer Kraut, Mulberry BrandyWhite Wine , Rakija (Brandy)